YOUR CONSULTANT IS Debi Mangan, Founding Member

My Story

I started my Scentsy journey with a loving nudge from a good friend. I was afraid because my allergies are so bad, I could never use a burning candle. If I came near to one my lungs would close up! It is very scary to not be able to breathe. I didn’t have a reaction with Scentsy and was overjoyed! I was looking for a 2nd job so I could pay for a new car payment. Thus started my Scentsy career!

I fell in love with Scentsy immediately, they offer great new consultant challenges and I am competitive, so I reached for each one as they came. I of course made each one, Shooting Star, Scentsational Start 3, Went to convention the 1st year just because I hadn’t had a vacation in 6 years and I was going to walk across stage and meet Orville and Heidi Thompson. That was the very best move I ever made…I left convention flying and knowing exactly what my next goal was, Director. I made Director 2 months later in October 2007. At convention I also found out that you can earn an ALL EXPENSE PAID VACATION every year. I WAS ON THAT! The next year I earned my first trip to Cancun and in August earned the Founders Circle trip and was now in this elite group of amazing business woman.

Going back to October 2007 when I made Director, I really wanted to help any of my team members to achieve this leadership role too. Zig Ziglar says “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”   I started working with those and in August 2008 my 2nd frontline made Director and I advanced to Star Director. Working with multiple people wanting to make Director, is like watching popcorn… nothing at first but then it starts popping slowly and then it takes off! Just 2 months later in October 2008, I made SuperStar Director.
My ‘Why’ continues to change and I think it’s important that we recognize this and embrace it.

In my Scentsy journey I came back to Waxahachie 10 years ago with NO money and a lot of hope. After 10 years with this company I have bought my Scentsy home and paid for an inground pool. My goals today are to continue helping those on my team to advance. I get very emotional thinking what if Denise wouldn’t have encouraged me to try Scentsy, if she would have made that decision for me instead of just asking me to join the best Direct Sales company in the world. I have had the privilege to help many with allergies to enjoy a whole new fragrant world, that were closed off to us prior to Scentsy. And I continue to enjoy this new world myself. I am building many relationships with the help of those around me and an amazing group of consultants that join me in this adventure of a life time.

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